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  Barshi Road, Latur, India, 413531

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  Ambejogai Road, Latur, India, 413527

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Latur is the third biggest city of Marathwada region and part of India's heart state Maharashtra. The city has many historical monuments including Udgir Fort and Kharosa caves. Laturkar is the common name for people living in Latur. The most common language spoken in Latur is Marathi. The nearby students from different villages get attracted to the region because of the upgraded quality of education taught. In Latur, pulses like pigeon peas make people from different parts of the democratic country crave for. The borders of Latur are connected with some important destinations like Nanded and Parbhani. Thus, the place is visited by tourists for a short trip to Maharashtra as well. SuperbMyTrip helps you to find and book online hotels to stay whenever you plan to visit.

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There is no dearth of options to choose from luxury hotels and budget hotels to stay in Latur. Few of them are listed below:

Hotel Grand International, Aroma Hotel, Hotel Embassy International, Carnival Resort, Hotel Manas, Hotel Kesari Nandan Lodge, Hotel Anjani, Hotel Udayshree Palace, Hotel Rajdhani, Hotel Brij, Hotel Vrinda Lodge & Restaurant, Hotel Radhika Latur, Hotel Parth, Mayura Lodge Residency, Hotel Relax, Hotel Shanti International, Hotel Krishna, Hotel Sudarshan Palace, Madhuban Hotel, Hotel Shivnari Durvankur Lodge, Hotel BK, Hotel Vishwamitra, Aditi Guest House, Hotel Sai International, Hotel Shree, Hotel Shradha Lodge.

Sightseeing places in Latur

Mostly visited insights in Latur by tourists are Nana Nani Park, Sidheshwar Ratneshwar Temple, Kharosa Caves, Ganj Golai, Udgir Fort, Ashtavinayak Temple, Hattibet Devarajan, Nilanga Temple, Wadwal Nagnath Bet.

Best season for tourism of the place
Summers in Latur are generally hot and dry. Tourists avoid this time as the scorching heat of sun make them sweaty. Months between October and March are considered the favourable time for tourism of the place. Thus, the winter season is the best time to see the monuments of the city.